A rose standing alone…

Do people really bring out the best in us when we find where we fit? I think about the challenges in my life in the past few years and the changes that have occurred. I am not one to dwell in the “what if’s” and so I accepted things the way they happened.  So I wrapped myself in a cocoon of my own making. Relying on people was not an option and I came to find myself feeling guilty for friendships. 
So now I wonder, if I am capable of having friends once again. Of returning the friendship that once became to burdensome for such a sorrowful time in my life. I feel the want to be with those that I felt understood me and were of similar mind and heart.
Thinking of my next blog topic has done what I intended it to do, push me beyond my comfort these last few steps of healing. Return to the beehive, the field of flowers… the mix of all that make a family, community and kinship.

I still long for my fathers voice to tell me what I already, to push me past what holds me back. I see now the lessons he could not teach me then but illustrated through time. The reverent and humble actions of my grandma Hazel who I reflect upon. The hand that held me up with strength even in her old years, never faultering or wavering, grandma Lucy. I think of them all, I think of what they have shown me…and how I have lived in order to survive…
I see now I was never meant just to survive…I was meant to live.

Being a Modern Mom…exclusive hair club?

I love Modern Mom and love to watch the YouTube videos they have. I am finding great things on there that keep me motivated to try and look my best. My thought today is that I am still struggling with my hair! Or should I say my lack of hair style! 
I am giong to attempt to get a cut this weekend. I am almost tired of my layers as I find I can’t braid or do cute chignons due to the spikey ends that are ultra straight.
So…someone help me out here:Do all the tutorials curl their hair and they just don’t tell u that step?
How do they get that texture and volume for it to look amazing BEFORE they even begin a tutorial? (If my hair looked that great before, I wouldn’t put it up!) LOL.
Here is a picture I took this weekend when I did a side braid..again it quickly came out due to my layers and the ends that unravel. I like it but it didn’t last too long…you can already see the ends coming out.


Warm weather and new colors

With summer fast approaching I find that my skin color is changing quickly too. Being Native American I find that I change quite a bit this time of year, its time to purchase new foundation, blush and concealer. It has also blessed me with natural oils to keep my skin healthy and unfortunately lead to breakout and acne scarring. So, I keep that in mind when I buy my cosmetics.

I have recently found a foundation I really enjoy using: http://www.neutrogena.com/product/skinclearing+liquid+makeup.do?sortby=ourPicks

It has a good coverage and contains salicylic acid for keeping my skin clear as I havedealt with acne and have come to find some processes that are working to keepmy skin from breaking out. Right now I am using the natural tan color, I will most likely try the tan which is the darkest shade they make.

I have also been using a tinted moisturizer with an SPF in it and I may continue to use it throughout the summer as it offer a light coverage with a great color.


It blends well and has a nice minimal coverage. I use the darkest shade and find that in the winter when I am at my lightest skin tone it offers a nice bronzer-look. I use it as a primer, alone or with a touch of powder…it looks great anyway you wear it! (this is one of the products I have spent the most on but I really enjoy it)

Another concern I have during this time of the year is finding a good blush, as I can be darker in color I have a difficult time finding a color that doesn’t look like a clown applied my blush. lol.  Have any good blush recommendations? Cream blushes sound great but I have yet to play with them to find a nice way to get a good effect.

I have been curious about highlighter vs. light diffused primer, which to pick? I think I will investigate and get back to you on that one. Which will make my complexion look nice without making it too oily or greasy? I feel like being native limits me in this area, perhaps I just haven’t found the right product. 🙂

One last tip I can not leave without mentioning is: http://www.beautyblender.net/sponge.html

I love this sponge for applying foundation and even powder!

Feel free to leave comments and questions! Have a related blog? leave me a comment would love to check it out!


Google is no help

I am by no means an expert, but I have experience. To add to that, I know I am not alone…These sentiments can be applied to many things but what I struggle with today is merely finding something to do with my hair!Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones)

This is what I look like when I try to twist up a bun…uhh, no. LOL.

I have a round face, Long straight hair that lies flat with some residual waves from sleeping with it damp. But not even a hint of style in it as I can’t get it to take a true shape today, with 15 minutes I had this morning! (yikes!)

I use a great shampoo and conditioner (Costco brand! try it! I have searched for something to work and this does!) Normally I would just wash and let it air dry. Later putting it up in a bun, pony or other simple style.  As the spring heats up (Arizona!) I find I want to put it up more often, without the dreaded pull and pinch of the latter mentioned styles (not to mention thinning out the tender hair around my face)!

So now I search but with no spectacular result…So for all busy moms, round face beauties and anyone interested here are two tips I will stick with and their influences:

Ginnifer Goodwin (Once upon a time and Big Love)

Two great tips to take from her style:

  • Long face-framing bangs with a touch of curl around the cheek bones or jaw line.
  • A deep part also creates an asymmetrical look, you can use it in almost any hairstyle.


Kelly Clarkson (American Idol)

  • She utilizes volume and body in her style to highlight her features.  Blow out damp hair to create volume then use bobby pins and a bit of a good hair spray to gain some height. 

These are both good starting points for many common buns, pony tails and even braids! Do you have any tips or great hair blogs to share??

A bit of beauty in a day…

My hair is messy today, no time for fixing. Tied back in a low pony tail. I didnt have time for any makeup, what am I to do with myself?
Its always a trade off in motherhood, have my nails done but my hair is a flop. My hair is fixed but I skimped on foundation. Whats a mom to do on a day like this…
Some of my quickest tricks for stepping out the door are:
–>Get a good loose powder (BareMinerals for me) and put it in a one brush container for quick application
refillable powder brush
–>Carry a great Mascara and mini eyelash curler! False Fiber Lash Mascara

–>Natural lipstick with a nice shine (don’t need the gloss with a hint of shine already in the lipstick!)Color whisper lipstick
–>Eyeliner on hand!! always! I carry a nice “neutral” tone, not too dark like black but noticeable when applied: I like a charcoal grey!Smoldering eyeliner

–> a few hair elastics and a small container of bobby pins for hair fixes. Who can live a mom-kinda-life without these??

These few things in a bag with a nice mirror can keep you beautiful on the go when you’re in a rush. What are some of your must have’s for a quick make-over?

Bucket List

So my husband and I had a great weekend and we talked about different things, he said I should make a bucket list of wines I would like to try. I like wine, but I know which wines I like and I will enjoy a glass around 2 x’s a year, not enough to make me want to go out and try 30 different types.
He told me about things that he is truly wanting to obtain in the future, I told him that listening to him I reflect upon myself as an “empty person” because I don’t really have things that “I am deeply rooted to”…you know that person that is all about scarves, loves them and cherishes collecting them…or maybe cars, jersey’s, collectable toys, anything. I am finding I love different things but I am not a “fan” or fanatical about such things.

Now, It made me think about how different things have come around in the past few years. I have been wanting to start a blog about nothing, that’s how I would refer to this…about random things that I take interest in. So here I am ready to take a step to really put a few things out there, because this much I know:
I love watching/going to the movies (even if it is a bland movie, its a good experience for me)
I love my family (“be your child’s biggest fan”)
I love all things beautiful (make-up, hair, flowers, sunsets, my daughters!)